Distance makes the heart grow….

…..fonder. That’s what the nurses are telling me when I told them that I wont be seeing M for 4 days.

He’s oncall day shifts and I’m on nights. The result is that we come back from work to a silent flat and leave the house again without crossing each other’s paths. I know, I know, there are others like my dear friends who are separated thousands of miles for months from their husbands. But still….. I’m so used to having him around and the thought of him just being in the house an hour ago is kinda sad. *cue tragic sad love song*

On a happier lighter note, towards the end of my shift tadi, the ward clerk made me some buttered toast with squash when I announced (to thin air) I was hungry. Aww. Sweet right. I feel loved… and spoilt.

Lotsa love,

ps. Counting the days to HOLIDAAAAAYYYY!!!!! 6 days and counting!

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