This has to be quick cos….

M and I are on the plane to Phuket, Thailand!!!

Our first long proper holiday since we got married…which is like 7 months ago? Ok ok granted this is honeymoon no 3 but think we deserve it – what with M working 10 days straight and my constant oncalls!

Haven’t been able to post much cos of work (of course). My mind is at rest now as my work assessments are over and sorted out. Coming back in 2 weeks time for my paeds exam tho ooo erks!

(in my defense, it was the only time me and M can have this much time off!)

After a few days in Phuket,we’re going back hoooooooommmmeeee Insyallah. Looking forward to seeing family, friends and eating nasi lemak and ambuyat and kfc. Nom nom nom!

We’re on Thai airways now which is making me more excited. I feel sorry for M already cos I can see this being 12 hours of me imitating the Thai accent and perfecting their graciousness. (can you imagine the failure of this already??)

Things I’m hoping will not happen in Thailand:

1. Us having drugs put in our bags by drug smugglers.
2. Being swept to sea when we go snorkelling.
3. Downpour every day
4. Smelly and dirty hotel toilet
5. Smelly and dirty hotel room
6. Finding we can only eat tom yam bean sprout as everything else has meat or pork in it
7. Going home with Thai accent in y head all the time
8. Swept to sea when we’re on a boat (hmm recurrent fear)

That’s it I guess. Oh the reason why m listing all the above is for you all to pray for us that it won’t happen and pray for our safety and comfort amin. (macam inda pernah belayar saja)

Time for the holiday to start! I wish we’ll take off already cos I need to pee!

Love me

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