Week 3 of lockdown in UK

I realise years to come I would want to read this (hopefully still alive – is that a morbid thought?). Life is indeed different and we’re getting to a new normal. We were in isolation for two weeks as kids had cough/fever. They were ok really but since the rules are clear, we followed it to the letter. Their swabs came back negative, Alhamdulillah. Then I got a cough and had to stay in for another few days to make up the total of 7 days isolation. I will tell you now that being cooped up inside with all 5 of us were no way easy and tested everyone’s patience (except Maya, Maya is happy as long as she has enough milk and sleep). It was also that time when everyone was panic buying – so no pasta, no eggs, no nappies. I didnt realise how much I love eggs and of course need it for my baking. Having no eggs was the second hardship of that time.

That said, I realise the stress of being stuck in the four walls of our house with a restless husband (he is an acute medic after all), two rambunctious boys and a baby who can be very vocal with her needs is no way near of what some people are going through. Alhamdulillah we have stable jobs, financially we can storm through this. We have a nice house, enough food to survive on and a garden to run around in. Not everybody has this luxury. And what a luxury I’ve taken for granted.

School closed during that time and the kids seemed to feel FOMO as they werent there on the last days. So I think they think we’re just making this all up – having stayed inside the house for 14 days before we could venture out the neighbourhood. “Mama School” started and the kids initially were petulant rebels and kept saying they want normal school. Maybe Tiger Mama did push them a bit more than at school. They have accepted this new normal now. I must say Brunei seems to be doing more school wise. The teachers in their school have uploaded worksheets with some answers for parents to mark (GREAT) but there is no online teaching or even daily communication with them (just once weekly letter). I’m not complaining and know having pause of formal education will not harm them in the long run. Just want to let other parents aware that those having online learning takes great planning and resource from the teachers, all kudos to them.

As for me, working has also changed. I’ve been redeployed to do full time Children’s Intensive Care (before this neurology in the day and CICU for out of hours). It is hard work wearing the full PPE for 8-12 hour shifts. I have to go out every 3-4 hours (or even less) because of how suffocating hi it is to wear the mask. Each time I take it off, its such a great feeling to breathe the not so fresh air again. We havent had many positive cases but we are taking older ‘children’, so things are a little different at work. I have to go now, maybe I’ll write about work on another post.

Much love,

Stay safe people!

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  1. hazm8

    “So I think they think we’re just making this all up” 😂 But really, as adults, it’s up to us to do all the worrying! Perhaps not only you but your kids too would want to read this in the future, they can see what it was like and how they, as young children, were affected. Take care, hope all are well!

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