The time we had to stay at home

I guess it takes a pandemic to get me blogging again. Or more like being in isolation for the last 14 days.

After 14 days being at home, with my husband and kids as my only contacts, I am faring not too bad actually. I thought I would miss going out to restaurants and cafes and having outside contacts but since everything (or almost everything) is closed, I’m not feeling that FOMO. And I realise I enjoy having this time in – it has proved that I can be productive with my time. It also made me realise there are things that I’ve always wanted to do and I vow to do them now! Also unnecessary things in my life – can get rid of them. Its only when you dont have something that you treasure it – like time and freedom!

In case you are reading this years to come, today is March 28th 2020. The world has been put to a halt due to coronavirus pandemic. Schools in Uk were closed this week or specifically closed for non-key workers. We have been in isolation because my kids have had fever/cough and the government decree is that anyone with fever/cough means the household have to stay at home for 14 days. We have been pretty strict with it and not gone out at all except to the driveway or garden.

Zayan has been coping with it all relatively well (he did mention being nervous of the coronavirus) but Ayman do not quite get why we have to stay at home. Constantly asking when we can go to shops, school, out out.

After 2 weeks of ‘Mama School’, here are tips to share:

1. Having some sort of routine helped and made kids understand when its time to play/do school work/eat. The number of times I get asked when they can have a snack!

2. Our routine consisted of morning doing school work/learning and afternoon going out, playing and random activities like baking or painting.

3. My kids fared better doing learning stuff in morning only and then it was harder to get their attention in afternoon. Hence only half day of school. Made me more sane actually than trying to push them.

4. At start of the day, they write down 4 things they want to do eg maths, reading, phonics, science, art etc. From there, they’ll do the school work given to them according to what they’ve asked to do. I am rationing the sheets given by school to only 2-3 sheets a day. Dont want them to finish it too soon! Lockdown might be longer than just a few weeks!

5. Rest of learning consists of doing online learning games. We love Mysteryscience so much that we’ve been doing it on a daily basis. We choose a topic , play the video and the kids watch it and do the activities in it. Its supposed to be 20 minutes only but kids got involved in activities so much that the whole thing usually lasts almost an hour. And I dont even have to do much!! It has age recommendation so 5-6 yrs fits best for Ayman. If you want to be extra and #tigermum (like me), you can also print out the assessment sheets and kids can fill it out to test their knowledge from the videos.

6. Kids do get bored so we spend at least half hour outside. Gotta get them moving!

7. We’ve been calling their friends every now and then and that has boosted their spirits. They spoke to their friend for almost an hour!

Anyway thats it from me.

Write again soon…maybe.

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