Being inspired to learn

Have you ever met people who makes you inspired to learn more? I like teaching and whenever I think of passing knowledge, I think of several people who have made me motivated to learn.

The first is a house officer who took my clinical partner and overall BFF under his wing during our care of elderly stint. He taught us during and after ward rounds. He gave us practical tips on the clinical exam (Just bullshit your way through but with confidence) and as a house officer (as above). The thing is he was not arrogant at all, he was hardworking and so clever. He did get hit by a patient with a stick once – he dealt with that patiently.

The second one is a consultant who probably does not even realise how much impact he had on me. He was not my supervisor and we didnt work that many times. However, he encouraged me to do case presentations and present in the regional meeting. He was just enthusiastic in his specialised interest and all round cool guy. He made me interested in neurology.

The third one was the beloved Dr Hoskyns. I did my clinical exam three times and each time I would go to his bedside teaching. It happens on a weekly basis and even if you’re the only one who turned up, he would still do it – fully prepared, on time and with patients ready to be examined. We would trek between wards (4 wards) and swiftly see a patient, examined, grilled and roasted. With his poker face and old school grilling, it sure did prepare me for the exams. It also tested my nerves – all that time when I answer stupidly (so obviously stupid that I want to facepalm myself) and he would just give me the correct answer afterwards, thankfully without a ‘Dont be so stupid’ look. Not just that though, even observing him talking to parents and doing the ward round, I learnt so much. I miss him, I’m sure I’m not the only one and I hope his family realises how much impact he had on the trainees.

Nowadays work feels more like service provision, and less training and learning from seniors. I quite miss the group ward round and being asked qs along the way.

I think all those who I mentioned above probably never realised how much it meant to me, their encouragement, time and teaching. Which brings me to the point that we never know how our words and actions affect people we pass by. It might just have a big impact in shaping them.

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