Blogger of 13 years

So I’ve come down with the flu. I actually tried testing at work to confirm if I indeed have Flu virus as its doing its rounds within the paeds team and also kids in Leicester. You can test it by having your snot sucked out (or blow it out) and there’s a machine in the ward that can check it in minutes. So I blew my nose a few nights ago but apparently it was so gunky, it wouldnt run through the machine. Gross I know – I just wanted to give some visuals on how my nose felt that time.

Since I’ve been bed/sofa-ridden, I have decided to browse through my old blog entries. As in my OLD OLD blog. I started blogging in 2004 – so I think I must have been in my second year of medical school, aged 20. My heaviest entries amounted to 260 entries one year – where did I have the time??? And what could I possibly write about? That’s basically writing almost every other day. 

There are plenty – and I mean plenty – of cringe worthy moments. Mostly on how young (read immature) I was. I was also much more exuberant, I’ve documented a lot of funny and silly going-ons. Now I’m just a boring aunty. 

I wrote 2 posts – and it was so cryptic – on meeting M and I kinda wished I did write more, yknow relive the moment and all that. That said, I mostly feel thankful I havent explicitly written about any guys or crushes … that will be mortifying to read. Take note kids, be careful of what you write online. Once put in the world wide web, it’s a free for all public gallery. It will certainly bite you back one day! 

I lost my first hard drive and didnt save pictures from way back when I came to the UK, about 17 years ago. But I’ve put on a lot of pics in the blog so I’m glad at least I’ve got some #tbt pictures. This reminds me… I used to have a flicker page too, maybe I can retrieve my pics from there.

Iman and Bazlaa – my two oldest anak buah. I talked about them A LOT. Things I dont even remember happening even now.

The many many fun things we did in uni. This one – camping near Kinder Scout. My first camping experience in UK. This picture is bittersweet as Fidod – guy behind Zimah – passed away unexpectedly for us due to cancer. He was a friendly, chums with everyone kinda guy. He was also witty and can be padas with his wit and humor. He was also thoughtful and kind. 

Al Fatihah – semoga rohnya di cucuri rahmat.

Life is indeed short; we never know when its our time and how easy we deny ourselves of this.

Graduation! The 4 amigoes – my study group. The ones I definitely owed my exams success to… all those studying sessions before finals. Inda karing gusi with them. Sung & Joanne – its been awhile!!

I wrote a lot about my travelogues – except for NY. Which is sad. NY was paling happening. Trip to Egypt was most eventful though – reading brought great memories.

Who knew this online writing has saved me memories of my travels and daily life stories? 

It’s interesting to see the evolution of my writing. Immature and conversation-like, full of dialogues to begin with. Then as years go by, more deep insightful musings – I think I was way wiser back then. I seem to know all these quotes. 

Funnily enough, I found an old resolution of mine in bid to be healthy. It read something like this:

1. Eat veges at least once a week

2. Eat fruits everyday

3. Go to sleep early

4. Exercise daily

That’s STILL not happening guys! Except for the eating veggies part. I eat veggies now and even if I dont like it, M forces me to it and he makes a big deal of having veggies in every meal.

Ok over and out,


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