Changing small habits

Anyone else having ‘Inspired to be a new me in January’ thoughts currently? I feel motivated to plan things in advance now (because my life this year will be organised! and I will actually do things I want to do!) and tick the boxes in my ‘to do list’. 

Go for a facial – tick

Book dentist appointment for me and kids – tick

Go full throttle on my quest for kids to learn malay – tick

Konmari kids clothes – tick

Rearrange furniture and buy stuff from ikea (more organised house, more mind is free, so they say…) – tick

A new year, a new me!

And then I thought – I really hope this feeling doesnt leave me. I mean I know we all have our ups and downs but I do hope the new habits and my enthusiasm will sustain through the year. 

That’s why I have come to learn that  this life lesson will work better than having big resolutions: change small habits and keep track of it everyday. It may be something simple as using floss every day or going to sleep at 10 pm. Yup doing a small habit consistently – m pretty sure it’s a sunnah. Gretchen Rubin wrote a whole chapter or two on it and I was like heyyy I learnt this already from Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). Because when you do one small thing consistently, it will become part of you and then you get consequence from it (sleep early = less tired = wake up good mood = happier in morning to start the day…. kinda thing!). Hopefully then you will be motivated for next thing! 

Anyway just rambling now and heard my breakfast is ready (eggs & sausages. NYUMS). Ta!

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