Yes, I’m your best friend

Ok I will admit that I’m all for having my own personal space as Ayman is more clingy nowadays. Nowadays meaning the last 6 months or so. Always wanting me for everything. Gets jealous if Zayan gets close to me. Waking up middle of night and coming to our bed (he didnt do this for the first 2.5 yrs of his childhood). Always wanting a kiss. Not just one peck. Peck me on right cheek. Peck me on left cheek. Peck on lips. And aggressive pecking at that! (more like smothering) Aghhh.

Then one night, he came to our bed in middle of night and I put him back in his bed, zombie-like. As I snuggled with him, he asked in his small, cute toddler voice “Am I your best friend, Mama?” 

Cue heart spilling everywhere.

“Yes Ayman,  you’re my best friend.” (Just dont tell Ayah and Zayan) 

That night, I didnt mind at all being woken up by this cutie monster.

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