Wait, did Trump just…

So I’m gonna let out a lil secret pasttime of mine. Whenever I want to have something funny to read, I google ‘Trump news’. It astounds and amuses me on what he comes up with! I guess partly why I feel it’s funny is because the US is the most powerful country in the world and they have a laughable man to lead them currently. It does give me the (inner) giggles…. 

Until the other day, I heard about the news of Trump retweeting of Britain First tweet. One that is anti-muslims. Suddenly it didnt feel funny anymore (of course, when it hits you more personally/closer to you, then you take note of the offensive things people do/say). 

Can we just pause here for a second? 

This man is a president. 

Of a country.

One of the biggest powers.

The biggest even.

And he is allowed to tweet this? 

The fact that millions are following him. The insidious ways he is smearing and staining people. 

I do not see the world shaking their fists and people protesting streets worldwide about this deplorable man. Instead many like me will carry on with our lives, thinking ‘as long as I live my good life and show people how kind/good the everyday muslims are, it doesnt really matter’. 

But it does, doesnt it?

For one, isnt this how brainwashing on a mass level starts?

Secondly, evil flourishes when the good man does not say a word. 

Thirdly, we are slowly thinking ‘this is a norm… Trump and his words…. old man with his insensible, crazy words’. But it’s so dangerous, I think,  because so many people ‘learn’ about the news from Facebook and Twitter these days. Things passed on whatsapp and shared on twitter is considered non-fake news. It’s news, so it must be true.

I dont know where I’m going with this. Just that I’m scared of the future and for my kids. I hope they will be strong to withstand any prejudice and be brave to stand up against hatred.

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