Let’s talk social media. By that, I mean random people you follow on IG.
I know social media is like a dimension of world that exists. I look at some famous people posts and get green envy. I wish I have their jobs (ie not mine). I wish I was more groomed and stylish. I wish my life was more put together. I know that these people have bad things in their lives too, that what is potrayed on that little box of a picture is not entirely accurate. So I try to avoid looking or following anyone who makes me feel negative. Detoxify if you like.
But there are some who I get a warm feeling when seeing the pictures.
(1) @drawings_for_my_grandchildren
by Grandpa Chan
He was pushed to draw and post his drawings/paintings by his kids. They lived in different continents… him and wife in Brazil, his son and family in Korea and another in US (I think). It was a way of him communicating with his grandkids. He didnt know how to navigate instagram, let alone familiar with facebook. His wife did the captions/writing whilst he focused on his drawing. And starting from just his family, he now has a following of 304, 000 people. I know number of followers arent everything but I just want to point out how famous his paintings became! He has held exhibitions now as well. The best bit I think is of how he tells a story of his past or how he remembers his grandkids. I just get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I see a post of his. 

(2) @starringyouworldwide and @adiblubis

The first is a white Dutch/Belgian who loves to travel and send postcards to whoever asks for it. The latter is an Indonesian hijabi journalist/travel vlogger. They fell in love, got married and cutest couple ever. I like that these two different cultures/nationality combined together. As I’m married to a non-malay, non-Bruneian person, I always find it interesting on seeing other couples working it cross-culturally, cross-nationally (is that even a word?). Just shows… love has no boundaries!

I also have (positive) jealousy on seeing their travel photos/vlogs. They made me even more excited to visit Holland.

(3) @thedadlab 

Can’t believe I just discovered him. Cool science experiments that he does with his kid. Enough said.

(4) @justinpjtrudeau

I mean if you want to follow a president, follow this one! I know, I know, never trust a politician but you see after so many trump news, you just want to believe there are good leaders out there.

(5) Yoga with Adrienne

This is not on IG. She’s on youtube but I love doing yoga with her! She doesnt take herself seriously. She gives options of easy and more difficult moves. And she has different videos concentrating on different things – I tried her ‘yoga for back pain’ one and it cured it! (ok m a dr really but some of the exercies must have realigned my spine.) Currently doing 30 day yoga witg Adrienne, though I only do it every 2-3 weeks.
I love all the hippy talk. I love to ‘open up my physicsl space and by opening it, let more joy into my life’. I love feeling the energy crackling from my toes and travel up to my hips and to my core. And if I dont say have a block, I just ‘need to imagine I have one’. I heart her!
(Do I sound cuckoo? Embrace the yoga and you feel your energy and love opening up in your core too! )
Ok that is all.
Who do you follow?

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