For the love of books.

I havent posted in a month plus!
Let’s talk about books though.

I love going to the library because the thought and reality of being surrounded by books is just exciting. Choices… all these choices!

Plus I can borrow and read books for free. FREE. What’s not to like about that?

Our local library is ok… as in, it’s got a nice area for the kids. It even has a train thing that kids love to go on. However, the adult book choices is a bit dire. I can never find new or recently-released books there. 

We’ve dropped in the Central Leicester library twice now. It’s much much bigger than the local one and the choices are so much better. M wanted to go to the bank, so I told him that we will wait at the library whilst he does his biz at the bank. It reminded me of the times as uni student where I would be walking around the central library (relocated but has the same ‘feels’) and eyeing the latest books. Seriously I can spend an hour or two just looking at books. Having a quick read, put it back and choose another one. 
Zayan loves going to the comic section at the library. Both local and central library have a big section on Marvel comics. He can’t read complicated or long sentences but likes looking at the pictures. Part of me thinks he’s too young for it but yknow I knew how it was like reading comics.

I used to love reading Archie comics and occasionally Doraemon. I used to eye the new comics at this bookstore… Bismi kah namanya? And then I’ll ask my dad tentatively if I can buy it. He will never say no! NEVER. If it meant buying me a book, he never refused.

I was such a Betty fan but felt Archie was soooo useless, shallow and annoying. Why would you still have your heart on him, Betty? WHY?

Then I moved on to Sweet Valley Twins and later on, Sweet Valley High School books. Again, never been refused. In fact, Bapa went to Miri once and bought me a Sweet Valley High book! (Tau ya alum ku ada that particular book)

Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield —- how did I tahan them? I can’t decide who I’m annoyed at if I read it again – angelic, rational Elizabeth or annoying, irresponsible Jessica!
I try not to say no to buying books for Zayan and Ayman. My dad never said no to us and I think that played a role in my love for books. 

I would read anything and everything at that time. I even read LAT (it’s cartoon style, lots of tongue-in-cheek moments but can be bit political) which my uncle bought and left it in his house (they lived overseas then). 

I love the ‘Kampung Boy’ series though. Depicts a lot of kampung life, which I miss even though I didnt live like that (only had glimpses of it in my childhood). Pretty sure a lot of my uncles and aunts learnt how to swim like that though (see pic above). 

I would also read my other uncle’s ‘Match’ football magazine because there was no other reading material in the house. Well, there was also ‘Gila Gila’ comic, which on hindsight had lame, silly jokes. It kept me entertained then!

Think I read ‘Match of the day’ magazines back in the day. I didnt play football but had an avid interest in following the English football teams – circa 1998.

Anyway bottom line is… I need to be less of a scrooge and buy whatever book kids fancies. As I did growing up, I hope they will learn to ‘filter’ what is good for them and of course, as parents, we have to help them in this. 

Also, it occured to me that I read a variety of books because I was forced to do so – we had little toys and did not watch much TV. This was partly because we stayed over at other relatives house in the weekend, who had no TV or limited shows. Also I had to fight over which TV show and I always lose – only girl in the house!

The kids are now cross because they both want ipad and wouldnt share. 

His reaction to no ipad.

Huh! No ipad for you guys then… just read a book like I would in the good old days.

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