Running again 

Ran 3 miles today feeling likethe wind, though my actual speed is probably similar to a turtle’s speed. I surprised myself because I havent ran for MONTHS (did 5 minues in Tasek Lama, obvs that didnt count). And the best this year was probably a 20 minute run on the threadmills.

Much to my own amazement, I ran non stop for about 18 minutes before my lungs felt like it was gonna fail on me. And then another 10 minutes before my legs started aching. Well done, body, you have surpassed my expectations!

I dont know what happened though. I like to think all that yoga – eseh – helped with my breathing. And even though I scoffed at Adrienne (youtuber yogist), when she said the breathing and yoga poses would help with endurance, maybe she was right? 

Oh yeah, in case you havent checked out my IG/fb, on the rare occasions I said it …. I’m into yoga now. I did it 10 yrs ago and didnt get it, wasnt into it at all. Back in Brunei, I went to a small class and really enjoyed it. It was so much harder than I realise – bepaluh ani bah. Plus I love all the hippy talk. Opening up my heart. Let  the energy go through my spine.     I love it. I also like the soft way instructors talk and pretty much follows Adrienne on youtube (aptly named Yoga with Adrienne). I realise there’s different types of yoga and like how I can try different poses/classes for different mood I’m in — eg to focus on breathing, to relax, to tone up body, for more active exercise etc.

I have been off exercise for awhile because I havent found one that I really enjoy. I used to love running but dont enjoy running in the suburbs (only houses to see). I dont enjoy going to the gym because it feels monotonous – I’ve only started doing more this yr because I was desperate for an exercise. I like going to bodycombat classes but find myself too unfit and therefore, not enjoy the classes as much as before. Also I’m too lazy to go out esp in the winter! 

So where does that leave me? I wish there was netball or badminton I can join, though my skills are pretty much rusty now. So yeah, yoga is something new that I’m enjoying. 

And I do believe once you do the things that you DO enjoy, it pushes you to do other things. Get exercise one way or the other and the fitter you are, the more you will enjoy doing bigger challenges.
Anyway, my body is aching now, think it finally realised what an effort it did today. 

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