How to read more books

I’ve thought long and hard on how I’ve managed to read more books this year. So here are my tips if your reading mojo is down:

1. Switch genres. 

For awhile, I was into non-fiction books especially autobiographies and social psychology kinda books. Then I was stumped and wanted some fiction books. I usually like light hearted books but have tried more thriller/drama books and actually enjoyed it! I didnt think I would like zombie books but enjoyed The Girl with All the Gifts. 

2. Read teenager-targeted books

It’s easy to finish and you’ll feel accomplished and hopefully kill your reading curse. 

3. And even kids books

I’m reading out books aimed for older kids for Zayan. Roald Dahl – I mean, its a nice throwback and reminded me of love for reading again. (Though I realise the language in some Roald Dahl books are not for the young ones!) 

4. Join a book club

I joined a facebook book club and have been encouraged to read more books. And esp books I wouldnt normally read! It’s nice to discuss about it as well after. The best thing is that we have a general deadline to start discussions but if you finish later, you can still comment on it and discuss with others.

5. Read from Kindle more

I love holding a book. Flicking pages. I do love that.

BUT I’ve learnt that majority of books I’ve read this year was from the (phone) Kindle!

It was easier to download/buy. 

I almost always have my phone with me, so when I’m bored waiting in queues or something, I can open up my kindle from phone.


Ok gotta go, 

Love me

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