Sun, sea and sand 

Ahh, the sun and sea. 

Except it gets so hot in Brunei to fully enjoy it unless you go really early (6-7 am) or late (after 5 pm). We went at a questionable time of 10.30 am. By the time we actually set foot on the sand, it was close to 11 am. 

The kids (ie Zayan) complained of it being hot but soon forgot about it when we reached the waters. 

Closed my eyes and loved hearing the sound of the waves. It calms me yet reminded me of the strength of the sea. Lives swallowed by these ropey waters. I closed my eyes and remind myself to use it as my white noise to go to sleep (insomnia problems). If I had to describe a sound for Brunei, it would be the sound of the waves. I’m sure not everybody would agree but so much good times have been spent on the beach, and also some soul searching times back in my 20s, that it’s a good association for me.

How do waves form? The sea looks so silent and serene but when approaching the land, the waves get bigger. And even angrier. How do different beaches have different sizes of waves? It reminded me of O level Geography. Pretty sure we covered waves but could not remember for the life of me the answers to my qs. Sorry Cikgu Zainal, I should have listened to you more.

The beach was almost empty. There were 2-3 groups of families at the huts/BBQ area but only a lonesome orang puteh (assuming this as the figure was taller than your average Bruneian and was only in some really short shorts. Also no average Bruneian would be fishing at 11 am by oneself, fully exposed to the unforgiving sun at the no-shades beach). It was nice actually that it was almost empty. The kids were running around like crazy. Vast area of land, running barefoot with your feet getting wet. Playing with the waves in the classic ‘run away before the wave gets you’ game. 

I have a love-hate relationship with the beach. Love the concept of it – one with nature and all that. But I dont like sandy wet feet with sandy wet trousers. Today though, seeing the smiles on their faces, it was well worth it. 

Almost empty beach all to ourselves. 

Ahh, to be young and free. 

Love, me

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