Severe case of FOMO

Soooo I’ve been on social media detox for the last one week. I was just finding myself going on IG/FB alllll the time. Sometimes I would click on it even though I’ve looked at it an hour ago! And I could spend an hour just looking at random people’s IG. What made me think I was an addict was that it was the first thing I wake up to and last thing I see before I go to sleep.

The first few days of IG/FB-fasting was difficult, I must say. I kept thinking of what people would post or maybe someone liked/commented my photo or post (perasan) – it was a severe case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). 

What I realised after a few days was this….

1. My head felt clearer.

I read somewhere that these days we take so much information from TV, Internet, radio. We get info overload and a lot of times, the info is not that meaningful or useful to us anyway. It’s just random information, useless ‘entertainment’.

I liked going on FB/IG as a way of defrying my brain. Like watching TV and just letting my brain go numb.

After not going on FB/IG, my head feels clearer. I can’t explain it but that’s how it felt. The last 2 dayd, I started opening FB again and could feel my brain clogging up sgain. So that made me not really wanna go on it except for a few minutes.

2. I was using it to ‘socialise’ but actually felt lonelier in it. And realise I dont have many close friends at hand anyway! 

3. I liked the likes. I had to stop myself from taking photos just because I want those likes. I learnt to embrace moments more. I dont need to show it to the world. 

The other day, I made some chicken pie and it was the best I’ve made (angkat bakul sendiri). I mean, of all the chicken pies I’ve made before, this tasted the best and looked neat. Usually my pastry is all wonky and broken. I resisted all urges to take a photo just to ….. show off. So I guess I’ll just show it off via words. Ha!

4. I think I’ve used my time more wisely. Reading a book halfway now. Sleeping earlier (and feeling better in the morning). Thinking of more beneficial things. Actually replying messages on time. 

5. And this is probably the most important bit. I always liked to click on certain personalities IG and admire their lifestyle and clothes. But along the way, it carries with me some envy and sometimes resentment. Sometimes it made me hate my job because here I am slaving away when I could be doing something more fun and carefree. Sometimes I envied that they seemingly always having fun. And the clothes, the pretty clothed. And that the kids look so angelic and well behaved all the time. I know it’s Instagram and what you see is not an entirely true potrayal of one’s life… but dammit, why cant they show ugly photos too.

Anyway, I thought that I couldnt last more than a week. Though I’ve looked at IG/FB today, it turns out that I didnt miss anything. And so maybe I can last the whole month with only just a few minutes of social media a day! 

I went to Manchester for a two day course. It was SOOOO sunny and the hotel had nice views of Salford Quays. Sadly I was too tired and had to do reading on the night …. else I could have milked the night away and pretended I was on holiday!

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