Seven Stories and Newcastle

We went to an awesome place called Steven Stories in Newcastle (we also went to an awesome wedding, which was the main reason why we were there in the first place). 

Seven Stories is a museum of children’s storybooks. I dont know if museum is the right word because it doesn’t entirely depict the place. When you hear the word museum, it’s associated with boring rows or galleries of items. It can be interactive like many science museums and certainly some museums in London (love the V&A). This place has – you guessed it – seven stories and each storey has different themes/activities to do. 

One level was based on ‘Alien love underpants’ book and basically they turned the whole room into Alien love Underpants theme. Had big pants *snicker like a kid* with a laundry hanging line and alien hats and an area to read – amongst other things.

Another level was a Bear theme. There are TONS of books with a bear theme it turns out. I love ‘Going on a bear hunt’ and have discovered ‘The Bear Under the Stairs’ (I was reading out loud to the boys there and got really into it. Not sure if the boys stuck through with it to the end)

It was just a lovely layout and made you feel like a kid again (in a magical place without it being too tacky or corny).

Who doesn’t love Paddington Bear? It’s so huggable!

Then it was time for some storytelling! It lasted about half an hour – highly interactive and funny. It mostly made the kids sit down nicely, except Ayman got bored towards the end but nothing snacks can’t distract him with (we’re such good parents…).

There was also another level with toys. I think this was their favourite – inda mau balik! It had a huge space with all windows looking out as walls. There was an area to just lie down with bean bags all around and yo can just chill and read. If I was mega rich, I would love to have a room like that.

Macam … uhhh, we have trains like these at home too? 

There was also a book shop (yay!) and a level called Work Lab. We didn’t have time to go to Work Lab but I saw kids holding their creative hats… so I guess there’s a arts and craft area. 

Alien in underpants! 

Zayan: Is he a real alien?

We went for lunch at this place called Dabbawal. It has a different, creative twist to Indian food and presentations. More hipster like with good food! And its halal! 

Anddddd then there was the wedding! I dont have pics of the bride and groom cos it was mostly taken from our camera. So you’ll just have to enjoy these pics….
Us: If you guys give a good pic, you can have ice cream.

Kids: *quickly poses*


Ok over and out… maybe I’ll post pics of our holidays soon!



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