The constant rotation of hospitals

I am having short bursts of anxiety-ridden thoughts the last few days. You see, during specialty training in UK, you are more likely than not to be rotated around hospitals/sub-specialties so you learn more on each sub-specialty and give people equal experience of being in a tertiary centre and in district general hospital (aka more kampung places). But dont diss kampung places. As there’s less patients technically coming in, there’s less staff but means especially when on-call, that you’re stretched out a lot of the times. It teaches you time management, leadership, character building and above all else, to hold yourself together during shit-in-the-pants moments before your consultant comes in.


For paediatrics, we tend to rotate around every 6 months to different hospitals all around East Midlands. If you’re lucky, you get to stay in one place for a year. This could mean that you’ll be in Kettering one year and then Northampton next year and then Leicester the year after. That was me in my first three years of training. In last 2 years, I rotated around 4 different departments – 3 of which are in different hospitals.

Each time, you meet new bunch of people to work with, new set of nurses and allied professionals, learn new set of ‘local hospital guidelines’ and new skills of ‘where best to park and beat the rest of the hospital staff members’. You learn that that department likes certain things than the last one you worked in.

After two or three months, you finally get in your groove and can work things out without causing a medical faux-pas. And then before you know it, you have to move to another department (or worse, another hospital).

It is draining.

A lot of the times, because you rotate so many times, you tend to meet the same people or you’ve met them before during training days. So it’s not too bad.

Still…. it feels like going to a new school on the first day each time.

So yes, I’m nervous of where I’m going to go next. Usually you are give your top three preferences but… you never know, you can end up anywhere.

I cannot wait till the end of my training and finally feel settled.


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