Cotswold trip

Today involved a lot of walking and hence I’m tired to the bone and the kids are asleep without so much of a fuss by 8.30 pm. (They normally have a lax sleep curfew in weekend unless we’re tired and need them to go to sleep)

The morning involved walking around Bleinhem palace. I think I’ve been to the gardens but not inside ….. or maybe not! I definitely have not been in the palace itself. I usually find palace/castle tours boring and pretty-much-the-same-thing. Also its usually stuffy and/or narrow inside and there’s not much of a reflection when you’ve got 50 other people in the same small room as you gawking at the same wall/throne/costumes. Inside the palace is actually nice and not stuffy at all. I mean there are the usual costumes and bedroom-gawking but you can walk through it quickly if its not your cup of tea.

Two things to note:

1. Glad we didnt bring the stroller. The gravel around the gardens would not make for good stroller riding. 

2. The kids were only slightly bored towards the end. So I had to bribe with promises of ‘present’ (snacks). 

What a nice view for snacktime!

Rule no 1 on going out on trips: Bring a lot of food/snacks. 

Ayman is going through a phase now where his invisble thread is now broken! He will go soooooo far before coming back to us. And it involves stern shouting before he will stop. 

Me: Sayang! Tu Ayman!

M: It’s ok… 

Me: What’s down there? (as Ayman zooms to the edge of a ditch)

M: It’s just a drop. (said very casually)


He stops just in time before the edge. Oh my jantung ku, you know that feeling where your heart stops for a second whilst you try not to regurgitate your breakfast. And all the while pretending to be cool about it. Ayman gives me his cheeky smile as he runs to me “Yes mamaaaaaa?” 

Baik jua ko kiyut.

I realise there’s a lot more of Ayman’s pics. Maybe cos Zayan was acting like a teenager and moaned about walking a lot/being hungry. He eventually behaves (stops moaning) after a telling off and starts playing/walking jauntily. 

Saw Nurul and family there (macam ku kenal suara urang brunei walau jauh di sana).

Had a late lunch and freshened up before realising we need to get a move on if we wanna go anywhere.

Unfortunately the weather turned even worse (raining, cold) and we went to the nearest attraction – Fairytale Farm.

Zayan has always been scared of feeding animals (but then again so am I). “Put out your hand!” I would squeal from afar. But this time he was brave enough to let the goats feed from his hands (uhhhhh….). Well done Zayan! Ayman as per usual ran away from us at every opportunity and tried to open the gates of the Alpaca enclosure/squeeze inside and climbed up the rabbit gates. 

Is it bad that I lament on how big the rabbits are and think of how meaty it would be to eat them? 

Not sure if I’ll ever eat rabbits. Mcm awww theyre so cute. But then again I have no qualms on eating cow/goat/sheeps – so why the problem with rabbits? Maybe its the thought of rabbits being a pet deters me off. 

Anyway, maybe a continuation next time! 

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