We’re currently in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Oxfordshire. The parentals have been here for the last three weeks and finally there is a weekend that both M and I are off. So, I decided to book a place in Cotswold.

It also came a time when I’ve banned the ipad/youtube from the kids due to their appalling behaviour before we left for Cotswold (screaming, hitting, being untidy… typical kids behaviour I know but this was five notches up than their usual, so NO IPAD/PHONE FOR YOU TWO!). It might have come at the wrong time because the kids were driving up my wall all morning (its only 8… we’ve been awake since 6). Zayan wanted to write but I forgot to bring any paper/pen *face palm* Ayman was just in my face… like really, poking his hands on my face and pushing his cherls on me all the time. So I relented to them watching the Moana movie from laptop. Wow I can finally sit down and read and write. It’s such a bliss to actually hear myself think.

This place though has the best view. We came late yesterday at 9 pm… the wind bellowing, us chattering in the cold and just wanting to get into the warmth of the cottage. And the fireplace did just that.

All of us slept soundly last night. Maybe we were tired but the homey cottage ambience helped too. 

And then we woke up to this! MashaAllah.

Tempted to go for a run tomorrow morning (eseh sudah atu… tapi isuk karang malas jua takut sajuk). 

I mean, how can you not enjoy breakfast with a view and the breakfast made by le husband (sunny side up with toast)? Oh yes. Screaming kids, being a referee to their constant. battles and having eyes at the back of my head to make sure they (I mean Ayman) haven’t taken something and hid it somewhere else – his fave thing to do nowadays. Why did I say no to ipad again? (NO! One must stay true to your words!)

Also…. reminder to self: always always bring sos cilli maggi everywhere. 

Ok, over and out.

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