I realise I’ve been neglecting this blog. So here goes….
It occured to me that there is a certain bond that you make with colleagues when you’re doing medicine. I mean, they’re the ones who are with you up in your arms, going through the throngs of patients to be seen, enduring the stick you get from relatives, standing by you as you shit in your pants together during a prolonged resuscitation (acting very calm and professional-usually- during those times).

There is a certain camaderie amongst medical teams and if you all get along, you’ve hit the jackpot! (Like a big family, some may not get along but for professional sake, you try to get along with what matters most – providing care and service to patients) And the thing similar to other frontline services… you and your team shares these sacred moments, never able to explain fully to people outside it what has happened that day … those rollercoaster of emotions whether frustration, sadness, or elation (or all of them!). 


Thanks, team! 

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