Night shifts

So I was on nights this week and it was the first time Ayman (at 2 years and 4 months of age) reacted to it. Usually he would just ‘let me go’ without much of a tear or complaint. It was Zayan as a baby who would be crying and clingy and I remember giving the umpteenth goodbyes and hug before I could leave.

Anyway Ayman has been clingy with me the last couple of weeks. A few nights ago, he kept wanting a hug and I basically couldnt leave. I gave him a last hug, pushed him (because he wanted to follow me) and shut the door quickly. As I drove away, his little chubby face was at the windows, expressionless and he just stood there as I waved him off. 

Then the next day, he didnt even want me to hug or hold him. I was like the plague! Screaming and pushing me away when I held him. Wouldnt look at me. Oh Ayman!!!

It’s ok. I won him back… with  chocolate (at 7 pm!). Bad mama! But uhhh desperate times ok.

Anyway I’m sorry kids… I know you miss me when I’m away. And you know Mama miss you too! In fact, I told this patient’s mum how you didnt want me to hold you Ayman and she gave her baby for me to hold as compensation (very cuddly and has similar chubby cheeks. But it just wasnt the same… also he started whimpering when I took him)

But kids, as Mama says, Mama will always come back. 

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