Hard Questions from a 5 year old 

Post nights. 

SO sleepy still.

I was awoken yesterday at 6 pm (after pretty much sleeping all day post nights), still groggy and with Zayan in my face. 

“Mama, why do babies cry when they’re born?” Ugh. Do I really want to go through the whole ‘the first cry causes baby to take in oxygen and causes pressure to open up in lungs…’? 

So I settled for ‘all babies cry Zayan’. (Lame answer) 

‘Why?? Is it because their face is red?’

Wait what? 

I remain silent and pretend to be asleep again.

‘Why is baby’s face red when born?’ 

Seriously kid… do you wanna talk about polycythaemia right now? I couldnt not give him the right answer though. 

‘Because their red cell count is high, which is normal in newborns’

‘Ohhhh ok…’ That seemed to shut him up.

He then asked ‘how do people learn to talk?’ 

‘What do you mean how?? They learn it from listening to people and things surrounding them.’ 

‘No but how?’ 

Wait does he want the actual scientific explanation of the parts of the brain that learns languages?? I was tempted to answer on Broca and Wernicke but my memory was sketchy on this.

Anyway its ok because he then asked  his fave qs ‘WHY’. ‘Why do people have to learn to speak?’ Ok that’s easier to answer.

And on and on he asks. It’s hard enough on a normal day but post nights grogginess…! 

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