Bucket list 2017

I have written a bucket list… for a few reasons.

1. I like making a list.

2. And then I like crossing them off. I also like putting a tick next to it. So much so that I think I should print this off so I can have the satisfaction of physically crossing and ticking things.

3. It’s fun to keep track of what I wanted to do and see whether it will materialize.

4. Maybe it will push me to actually do things.

Some of the things seems pretty unlikely but one must set the bar high! Like the martial arts bit – have always been interested and also feel like a bad-ass but I find myself categorising MYSELF as ‘non martial arts’. I mean I gotta unblock the mental wall first, I know. Also there’s the bit about writing a book. That feels too overwhelming but maybe I’ll get my act together… maybe I’ll write a short story first. 

Anyway, here goes – Bucket List for 2017:

1. Travel alone (only writing it here so I have something to cross off already) 

Yup, a double bed allll to myself. And wake up to the sound of nothing. I may have laid in that bed all afternoon. This was me on an impromptu hotel stay after realising I went on a course one day early (face palm). 

2. Go to Harry Potter studio (start local)

3. Learn how to make sushi – as in go to sushi-making class.

4. Publish something (for once)!

5. Go to pottery shop and make my own pottery (only cos I’m curious on how to make it… pretty sure my attempts would be at best hideous)

6. Go for Crystal Maze experience

7. Watch a musical

8. Learn martial arts

9. Run a race

10. Volunteer at soup kitchen

11. Write a book

12. Go on a hot air balloon ride — ok, not sure about this because someone had an accident in the UK last year on a hot air balloon ride! But hot air ballooning over Cappadocia seems like #travelgoals for me. 

13. Volunteer at refugee camp (anyone wanna join me in Greece?)

14. Girls trip away! (ok thanks sayang, loveyoubye)

15. Afternoon tea in London (cant decide which)

16. Take a cooking lesson

17. Create kids recipe book

18. Yoga whilst watching sunrise (not that m a yogaist but seems very serene)

19. Reconnect with old friends – this sounds vague but I have few in mind already that I am hoping to meet up and have long conversations with! And actually… connect more with new (social media) friends. 

20. Grow herbs

21. Go camping… or maybe glamping?

22. Make home made ice cream

23. Collect stories from bapa & mama of their childhood

24. Bake homemade buns

25.  Volunteer at a community organization

26. Go for Islamic classes

27. Learn (more) Arabic

28. Plant flowers in our garden

29. Go hiking

30. Save up for a house (maybe this year will be the year!) 


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2 responses to “Bucket list 2017

  1. K. Isa

    I’m offering myself for number 13! And also 15 if that is open for company heehee

  2. Defo join me!!! Nanti ku gitau kalau impian jadi realiti ah hehehe.

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