Racism: why don’t we talk about it?

Interesting conversation with the Russian taxi driver in Kent:
Him: You’re muslim, right?

Me (oh here we go again): Yah

Him: So you’re not allowed to talk to me right?

Me: Hmm why?

Him: Because I’m kuffar… you’re not allowed to talk to me.

Me: *laughed (maybe out of nervousness)* Nahh.. that’s not true.

Him: No, I’m just kidding…. I’m learning the Quran yknow. 

Me: Oh really? (still not sure where this is heading)

Him: Yeah I’m trying to find peace. The world is a crazy place. 
We talked some more about how he was sick of Russian girls just wanting expensive things and his ex abandoning him for a rich guy and (weirdly) that is why he ‘likes muslims’. ‘You muslims stick with someone even when they’re poor and have nothing…’ — I didnt get started on how even muslims abandon people for their nafs and its more of the islamic principles that he meant. Or maybe that’s what he meant?
Anyway, I was close to getting him to move to Leicester because he lamented so many times on how racism is prevalent (“They dont like us yknow… immigrants and muslims… they hate us..”). I’m sure there is a (small) group of people who is like that, even more so in a less diverse area like Kent but most people I meet in UK are friendly at best and mostly civil/tolerant. Maybe he gets more of the racist stick due to his job (? irate or drunk passengers) and I dont because of mine. 
I can’t decide whether he’s being a pessimist or realist or I’m the one wearing rose tinted glasses. Either way, I feel bit sad for him. Enough of the racist stick thrown at you will colour your perspectives on the world.


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3 responses to “Racism: why don’t we talk about it?

  1. umm maisarah

    Scary conversation … What did you say after that? My classmates thought that Muslim women have to walk behind her husband because it is not allowed!!? We definitely need to go out and face these talks. However, every culture and race have their ‘racist’ tendencies even sadly amongst Muslims .

    • That’s true! Even bruneians can be racist bah… Lol yes some (extreme) muslims actually do think that women should walk behind her husband! Its been an ongoing joke between me and Mumtathil tu…

      I was nervous awal2 nya but he seemed interested in Islam. He felt marginalized though and I dont know whether he’s being a realist or I’m the optimist!

    • Yup, you’re right shar! They’re awkward and uncomfortable conversations but ones we need to have!

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