Bucket list: Travel alone

I have yet to write ‘My Bucket List for 2017’ – yup, I’m foregoing resolutions and instead having a bucket list! Except I haven’t constructed one yet.

It seems that God has better plans for me and knew what I wanted without actually me saying it out loud. A ‘holiday’ on my own!

Ok hold your horses, I’m only going to Kent!

Ashford, Kent, to be exact. For a neonatal course… that got confirmed only the day before.

So woke up at 5.30 am, hopped onto the 6 am train the next day and arrived in good time, half an hour early before the course was due to start!

….. Except I was 25 and a half hours early.


I really really really think the start of my new year is starting on a down low (parking ticket on the first day of 2017!)  – that’s what the pessimist in me would say.

It’s a good thing I still am an optimist — which means this can only go up from now on right??

Anyway, after feeling really really stupid and securing myself a hearty warm breakfast, I got myself a plan of action and decided to stay the night so I can actually make it to the course! (and not have the course fee and train tix go to absolute waste!!)

To my nice surprise, the train station is minutes away from a designer outlet. Well what do you know!

Plus it was actually a sunny day with blue skies (tapi sajuk masih). If I wasnt so sleep deprived and feeling so stupid still, I might have enjoyed it a little bit more.

It turns out my shopping nature is not so ‘active’ anymore. There wasnt anything I really wanted to buy. I bought some clothes to last me another 24 hours and a Superdry jacket (to replace the one I lost) and a pair of trouser for le husband. As I walked around, I realise I have not bought a bag since February 2015! Ok I bought a cath kidston travel bag (for the family) in Sept 2016 but that doesnt count! The last bag before that was Feb 2015! And the last pair of shoes I bought was more than nine months ago! I think my bag and shoes  fetish have truly gone dormant. (Tapi tudung and baju shopping still on…. ) 

Anyway, I have always imagined – in my mummy ‘dream world’ – when I am so tired and so sanak, that I just want to go to a hotel and go to sleep. There’s something about hotel beds and pillows that are so relaxing. Plus I don’t have a million and one worries inside my head. If I was at home, I would be anxious to get back at doing something – house chores or tidying the house or work stuff or time to collect kids. In my angan-angan, I wish I could just go to a hotel and sleep (wah of all things to wish huh… so adventurous…).

And so perhaps this has been a blessing. I dont have the laptop so I can stop working on Babble and work logs (ugh I hate you Kaizen). I only have my phone and theres only so much IG/FB stalking one can do! 

So I spent the rest of afternoon in bed, lying down and just reading. And when I got tired of that, I went  for dinner at Frankie & Bennys and went to watch a movie. It might be my first time watching a movie solo. I thought it would be weird but the ‘Fantastic Beast and where to find them’ was a whirlwind of magic and fantasy that I kinda forgot I was alone. It might also be the rare times now that I didn’t fall asleep in a movie (must be the well rested afternoon).

So yes… an impromptu trip away. It reminded me of my solo trip to Brighton years ago masa zaman bujang. I wanted to see how it was like travelling alone (liberating but also lonely). I’ve always thought Ahhh, to do a solo trip again but I wouldn’t have done it I think — would feel too guilty to leave kids behind. 

Don’t think the kids miss me at all though!! HMPH.

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