Today felt like just another day at work (read: busy). I was doing my oncall shift and towards the last 1.5 hr, I spent it in resus (aka where all the sick patients go in A&E). I went to review a patient there and introduced myself. The parents were understandably anxious but was lovely and I went on to assess patient. As I was finishing, the dad (who is a Muslim) commented on my name ‘Hafizah’. And then he said something along the lines of ‘then it is right that you’re here…. your name is Hafizah. It means protector right?’ 

I think that’s one of the sweetest thing someone has said. 

InshaAllah, Dad, I’ll do my best to look after her. 

He commented that being a doctor is the best job ever. I said, its a lot of hard work but it canbe satisfying. 

“Yes, its hard work but also all the good deeds you get when you go to work…”

You know, it’s always nice when someone puts things in perspective for you once in awhile.


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2 responses to “Hafizah

  1. fad

    its always rewarding when you get to help people directly. healing a patient and bringing relief to their families…like you said its satisfying 🙂 i could only imagine the feeling! when i was handling scholarship a while back, i get email from ppl thanking me, praying for me and family… padahal that was only processing their application. dapat pun belum tentu.. but to get that from random people and like you can actually tell, they are really ikhlas..ahh…best feeling ever.

    keep it up! and congratulations on ur fundraising project. it deserves to be featured in bruwomendo! hehe xx

    • Thanks Fad! Malu ku kan post diriku sendiri… lol. Haha, no lah… I think I’ve ‘broadcasted’ it enough. Anyway, it is quite satisfying. I think we (drs) tend to forget how satisfying it is… you just do your job and stay on the grind and we kinda forget about it. Thank anyway for lovely message! (even though yknow it takes me 3 weeks to reply…)

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