Learning a new hobby

I am dreaming of learning a new skill. Reading the Happiness project, it advises that we should learn new things/skills to maintain happiness. After all, if and/or when one part of our life dies, we have other parts to make us live on. Ie we are not solely dependent on one skill to keep us going.

 I’m useless with music and as much as exciting it would be to learn an instrument, I think I’m too tone deaf to progress.

Sports? It’s too cold to play outside and the only inside sports preferable is the gym and classes. Hmm maybe I should learn martial arts. Tbh the thing that obstructs me from doing martial arts is the idea that I think people think I am not ‘martial arts’ enough. Hmmm maybe I should do it just to prove myself wrong.

Writing group? Local toastmaster club?

I do need to brush my Arabic!

Though not supposed to be NY resolution, it would be realistically implemented in January if ever I start on something. The thing with New Years resolution- they die down as quick as its birth! 

Sigh, am I making a lot of excuses to try something new?

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