A story where… 

Sometimes fiction brings out the story in you.

The thing that scared her the most is his eyes. She couldn’t see him. He’s there but he’s not there. She wanted to cry inside mostly because of that. She looked into his eyes but could not find that man she knew and love.

She could hear words, angry tones. Non stop. It was like an angry Duracell bunny … his hands gesticulating everywhere. Him pacing around the room. He was worried about his car this time or was it his phone. She couldn’t keep track. He has been angry last few hours and she decided silence is the best answer to these situations. 

Do not aggravate.

Make silent movement.

Do not make eye contact.

She found it ironic that it sounded like advice when encountering wild animal. Sad actually, sad mostly but ironic too. 

She wanted to reason with him …  That he can’t fork out another large sum of money on an unnecessary house improvement project. That she can’t give him his phone or credit card. They have gone way past intellectual, sensible reasoning by this point. It was like talking to a wall … she could talk but he wouldn’t listen. 

She’s tired. She wanted to go for a nap but he burst into the room to tell of his latest rant. 

The tone of his voice intensified. Perhaps because she became silent for too long. She felt a sliver of fear. Her amicable, gentle grandad… never did she think that she could feel that for this gentle bear. He wasnt gentle now for sure… she wrapped her arms around her baby protectively, feeling somewhat in conflict. Surely he will never hurt her baby, he would never hurt a fly. She felt bad even doubting that fact. Right now though she’s not too sure. Right now he seems capable of doing anything. 


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