With love from Geneva 

I can’t sleep. It’s a bit too warm and I want a cold drink.

We are currently in Geneva where we’re on a weekend couple trip away. *cue shocked face* 

We went to Copenhagen last year for 2 days and 1 night and we vowed to have an annual weekend retreat just the two of us. It’s been five years and long time coming!

What I’ve been looking forward to the most is not having to wake up in morning to attend to someone else’s breakfast/bath/a heavy nappy/someone hitting my face to make them breakfast (no, not M). 

I actually miss them now. And part of me wished that we’re on holiday together cos the kids loooveeee a holiday and plane rides (but of course). It’s like going through an adventure and thinking ‘Ah Zayan/Ayman would like this’. 

A part of me lah.

The other part is happy that my schedule is my own and I can eat in peace! Haaa. (I love you boys, I really do. But sometimes mama needs personal space and I’m like Joey… I dont share food. Except for you guys. You guys help yourselves…)

We spent 30-40 mins actually playing checkers (I dont know how to play chess). This is one of the parks… people were still playing at 9 pm! For the records, I beat M…. I think he’s shocked his wife have more brains/cunningness than he realise. 

More updates tomorrow (maybe)!

Lotsa love


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