Ayman Ali

Have to post this for memories sake.

Ayman turned two three weeks ago but we’ve been working in the weekends and this weekend was the one time nobody is working and the in laws could come over. So we had a belated birthday get-together, but really just an excuse to have cake.

I think he enjoyed the cake but mostly because Elmo was on it and you can eat (a very thin) slice of it! I’ve been wanting to eat a rainbow cake sal nyaman usulnya on pintrest/instagram. It seemed easy — make a cake batter and divide by 6 and make it to different colours! I wanted to make it the day before but I was so tired from the last shift (finished at midnight, arrived home at 1 am) that I ended up favoring sleep rather than baking. So betungkus lumus lah ku Saturday morning. Pikir sekajap and simple tah ni … kan 3 jam yoooo. Simple pulang tapi mesti cuci tray and bowls (ada 3 saja tray) and divide by 6 atu. Inda tah lagi kanak2 kiri kanan. Imagine ants climbing on you .. cematu tah tu. Di kaki, kana ambil stool next to me … “can I mixxxxx? can I help youuuuu?” And because the stool only fits one kid and our kitchen damit and inda muat another chair next to me.. only one kid can join and so the other one will cry/sulk. Now why didnt I just bake the day before when kids were not around???

Anyway…. Ayman…..

I love watching this little man grow. Whilst Zayan is a little ball of energy (kinda like that rabbit duracell that never stops), Ayman is the opposite. Reserved and watches from a distant for while. Can be smiley with strangers but cautious.

He was a quiet baby, he was a ‘good’ baby. Nangis only when he wants a feed, would sleep 2 hrs or so in between. Relatively easy to put to sleep. He would sleep through the night before he was one and even now (after periods of on-off sleeping with me at night), can sleep by himself through the night. 

Sometimes I wonder if this was our ‘balasan’ after our initial difficulty in his newborn days. For those not in the know, he was born with Oesophageal Atresia with Tracheo-Oesophageal reflux — ie his gullet wasnt connected to his stomach and there was a connection between his gullet and airway. He had an operation to repair it on the second day of his life. Alhamdulillah, our stay in hospital was a mere two weeks. I’ve known cases of weeks and weeks in hospital before surgeons can repair defects like his. Or sometimes there’s other problems and complications.

Pictured: His transport incubator before going to operating theatre. Day 2 of life.

He can now eat pureed and mashed food and very tiny solids. Because of the defect/surgery, his gullet can’t contract as normal as well, you and I. So he has to eat slowly or have it more liquid-y so food can pass through easily. But try telling a two year old he needs to 

1. pace himself

2. chew lots and lots of time before swallowing 

3. drink lots between each solid food swallowed. 

You think ya paham? Kalau kana bagi makanan proper solids (eg nasi), makin gelojoh ada pulang. Takutnya kana ambil balik kali. Better eat this before mama takes it back! So mestitah pureed saja or kaau solids pun, damit2 putungan nya. Macam kalau makan nasi atu, dapat di hitung berapa butir rah piringnya at one time. Kalau too much or too fast, guarantee muntah or ter-stuck. 

And the thing is… he is such a foodie!! Majority of the time he cries because inda kana bagi makan, or sikit saja at one time or denied certain food. So for his two year birthday day, I made a simple cake that was bit mushy and he had a whole slice to himself. He was sooo happy.

A proper slice!!! 

Anyway so this boy…. I thinks he takes after his dad. Macam cool and reserved. And he likes things that requires more thinking — like puzzles. And he is happy just to sit there if kana bagi things that he can put in and out of a box (or like a packet of coloured pens… he would spend ages taking them out and putting them in). He is talking a lot! Well one word sentences. And only when strangers are not around!

Also unlike Zayan, he doesn’t put his heart on his sleeves. Perhaps it’s because of that or perhaps because I spent less time with just me and him (I worked part time after my mat leave with Zayan whereas now I work full time from the start), I find him a bit more difficult to read. Like I have to guess why he’s irked or upset. And I can’t predict his reactions to my emotions. I know how to guilt trip Zayan and I know how to make him listen to me. Ayman …. he’s bit more difficult to read. 

I love you all the same, my lil man. 

New movie coming to town. Baby’s Day Out – The sequel. (Though baby has grown, turned oriental and moved to Lesta).

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