What’s your childhood memory?

I saw this pic on fb and it brought back memories of my childhood. By that, I mean memories of me playing with my cousin’s toys and wishing I can have one of these one day.
It got me and Big Bro 2 talking on how we didn’t have plenty of toys as kids. For me, I actually cannot think of any toys that I have. I mean I probably have small toys but cool ones like Polly Pocket…. nawww. My dad put a stop to those dreams. 

I remember wanting roller blades/skates so bad too. Nawww of course not. I even wanted one of those educational laptop-like thing but my dad said no to that too.

My brothers had bikes and we had a loooot of books. If I think back of my childhood, this is what I remember:

Playing outside with the neighbourhood kids

Reading encyclopedias

Reading Asterix, Archie comics and Tintin (we had complete set of these 3).

Playing hide and seek

Riding with my bros on their bikes

Playing kayu tiga

My bro did have an organ! 

Playing with slinky

Soooo erm, I dont really remember  playing with toys much. Either I’ve suppressed the memories or it wasn’t as an enjoyable/sticking to my mind as much as playing outside. Which made me think …. are toys really worth the fun? Will my kids think back one day on how awesome their childhood is with the toys they had? The best memories I had are of those playing with other people. Of the fun we had. 

Makes me think on how I should cut down ipad time.

What’s your childhood memory?

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