Say hello to Editor

So I don’t think I’ve written it here before. But I am the editor of East Midlands Paediatric School newsletter. When I say School, I mean the institutional embodiment that covers paediatric trainees in East Midlands. A ‘trainee’ in whatever specialty , once passed all exams and goes through each level of training, ends up having ‘CCT’ in their specialty and this gives then the full creditation of being a specialist. I am currently an ST 5, which means I am in my fifth year of training. I need to get to ST 8 before getting CCT. 

Anywaaaay, I am editor, for no reason except that I am more tech-y than others and there werent many of us to begin with. I am actually technologically challenged and le husband has more knowledge and skills in IT and designing. But hey, I just use his skills to work for me hrhrhr. I guess I do have a blog and used to design my blog layouts. I remember I used to design my blog to have a forum and all as well. 

In a way, I do enjoy being editor. I’ve always love writing and playing with words and being editor gives me the time that I dont normally give to writing. It also forces me to read more, to get inspiration to quotes and book reviews and journal articles. 

I love writing and I wish I can write more. And this gives me an avenue to write, even if only for mundane paediatric news! But hey dont a lot of editors write books as well? (haaa perasan) 

Lotsa love,


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