Assembly time

I feel like I need to consolidate this memory somewhere. Posting it on IG or FB might sound like a trivial thing to some. But it’s a ‘moment’ for me and certainly for Zayan, so here goes…

We got called to come to Zayanino’s school assembly because he did well at creating a dinosaur out of a paper plate. Apparently he did it all by himself. 

So I was zooming my way from work – got myself an hour and a half early just so I can leave work early for this. But I left work at 2.25 pm and the thing was at 2.45 pm. I parked at our old flat areas, which is a good 15 mins walk. And then it normally takes 20 mins drive. I RAN (sprinted) to my car in a record-breaking 7 minutes. Put on the aircond so I can dry out my sweatiness and practically shrieked at all cars that was slow in front of me. I so didnt want to miss it and it would be a shame because I worked hard to get myself off early!!!!

Anyway, I arrived there at 2.47 pm (sprinted again from my parking area to the school hall). For once, I wished I was wearing trainers to work – sure would make me go faster!!

And I arrived in time for the reception lady to say ‘You can all come in now…’. And we, the parents, got a seat at the back whilst all the Reception kids were filing in into the hall. There are 3 classes and each class had 20 plus kids (no kidding, so big the class!!). 

Zayan’s class came in last and at first Zayan didnt see me. And then he did and he stopped in his tracks and did a face – like a ‘oookaaaaayyyy’ face (he actually gaped). And then he looked away and smiled, like its so not cool to show Mama that he’s happy.

He got called to sit in front of the audience, along with 5 others. Basically each class had 2 kids given acknowledgement for their hard work.

Now zayan is good with counting and numbers (though jumps from 12 to 14 and then 16). He’s not so good with letters and reading — I mean he’s doing good progress but as a Tiger Mama, I would say he’s just average in it. Actually he’s below average – I’ve always thought we’ll get cracking once in (proper) school as its been a struggle teaching letters to him. Seriously I am not very patient when teaching him letters/how to read! But turns out now that he’s in school, they just expect him to ‘blend the letters’ aka read! Wow, what pressure.

Anyway, this was about his dinosaur. He came up to the front and the teacher explained that he has got a certificate for good drawing and showed the dinoasaur he made, paint, cut outs and all. And with some prompts from her, he explained what his dinosaur is and why it has three horns and what he eats. 


Ohh Zayan! 

Well done – I hope I get to see you in assembly again! 

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