How to get rich

Doncha just wish there’s a secret tip to getting rich. I’ve read my brothers finance books (bored during summer holidays back in the day) – including rich dad, poor dad —- worth reading —– and all of them tells me the same thing: SAVE. 

My heart sank with this. I mean, there’s no quick way to this? Let’s not talk about the pyramid scheme or infinity downline – It works for some (infinity downline)but i personally don’t trust it.

Anyway, where am I going with this?

We’ve opened up a bank account for Zayan today considering he’s been given kah-chings already by family and friends. I’m actually excited about it, especially when they said they can supply a bank book for him. My parents set up an account for me when I was a kid and I remember being sooo excited to the bank to put money in and see my money growing in the book. I couldn’t touch the money but yet I was still excited, knowing there’s money for me somewhere out there.

M and I discussed about how we can educate him about money. As a kid, I used to be given $$ to do extra chores … including mengurut and pulak uban! Haha! Like 10 cents per uban (grey hair). Excited jua to do it, walaupun 10 cents saja. I also had $$ for helping mama in her baking business before raya. I said to M – maybe we can pay him to wash the car or something like that (things beyond usual house chore duties). M

M thought that we should take this further. We should encourage him to expand this e.g. to see if our neighbours will pay him to wash their cars (To Lyn and Adam – M said ‘we’ll tell zayan, go to pakcik adam’s house and ask him if u can wash his car for $5. LOL) So we can encourage him to save and invest. 

There isn’t much opportunity for teens to work in Brunei, or am I too sheltered/ignorant? M did paper rounds as a teen and also worked in some shop during summer hols. I only started working during A levels, as an usher in the school theatre and then in uni – including being on some phone line service for the alumni and licking envelopes for the uni ($5 an hour yo, bukan inda mahal air liur ku). 

Perhaps we should encourage our youngsters the concept of earning, instead of expecting them to *ahem* volunteer for stuff (read: you have to do it cos we want u to do it). 

We talked about whether we’ll let Zayan have the money from his car wash business (hehe imagining sudah) and concluded that we’ll give him a bit to teach him how to handle money. See if he can save for a bigger prize, rather than spend it all in a day for something less worthy.

Anyway insyaAllah we can install good financial habits on Zayan from a young age. Amin. 

Love, me


Ps. I went for a run today and it was heavenly. It’s the first time I’m doing something out of the house where I’m not rushing to go home in case Zayan wakes up (i’ve went out to get something from supermarket before). More on that in a different post. 

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