Holiday time

1 am – I should go to sleep cos we’re going to Brightoooonnnnn in 8 hours time. Also our live alarm clock aka Zayan goes off in 5 hours. I really dont know why I dont just sleep early. I’m sure I’ll be happier and feel more rested! But after putting him to sleep around 8.30-9 pm, we have dinner (in peace). And then there’s the washing up and tidying up and surfing the net and watching yet another reality tv show. So little time to pack in things to do whilst the little one is asleep. Now that he’s extra mobile and ahem experimenting his boundaries and capabilities, i have to be extra alert and stopping him do (dangerous) thigs every few minutes. Yknow, like climbing up the table. And JUMPING down from it. *tarik rambut*

Anyway anyway anyway, back to Brighton. After much difficulty from M’s part, we eventually secured annual leave for next week. We will be off TOGETHER for a week! Dont know about other professions but for medics, its pretty hard to sync your leave with your partner or friends. It often requires looking at the rota multiple times and swapping shifts/on calls with colleagues and sometimes begging for leave (“a family wedding is coming up”).
And being the more forward sighted and nagging wife (esp when it coles to leave), I had to keep reminding to sort the leave.

However because my passport is still with UKBA (sabar, sabar…), we had to make do with a holiday in the country. I was hoping we’d go to the US this year *emoji sad face*

It’s been SO long since a good holiday. We last went back to Brunei and visited Malaysia last May. And our last weekend getaway was ….. September last year? Entah it’s been so long I cant remember.

And yknow whats the best thing of travelling. The planning of it all! Looking up for accomodation, things to do, places to visit, things to eat.

Two of my friends from uni lives there and I cant wait to visit them!


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