Afternoon tea date

These days, I find it hard to have quality time with M. Zayan is in super clingy stage, clingier than when we were in Brunei. Macam tauuu saja kan ada baby adek. (He does point out to my bump as ‘baby’ and demands
to see baby/bump
at random times – even in public!)

Anyway, so I asked M to have a few hrs of me and him time. His sister’s staying over with us, so buleh jaga Zayan.

We headed to this countryside hotel for afternoon tea. It was quite nice actually the place and good weather too. It’s basically a big estate house with acres and acres of greenery (best of all, no dogs!).

Obligatory photo with house behind us

At what was a maze once upon a time with sun clock at centre (and M insisting on correcting the clock)

20140831-224756.jpgI took a selfie and turned out there was someone sitting not too far behind me. oops haha, malu sekajap.

Anyway, it’s nice to have some ‘us’ time. We can actually talk in peace and not have urang ketiga kacau daun (he insists on sitting between us nowadays and cannot see us hold hands).

Love you sayang, it’s gonna be our fourth year anniversary soon! Can’t believe how time flew us by. I consider us still ‘young’ in our marriage and hope that we’ll make it to our dementia years together! *morbid medic joke*

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