Olympics 2016

Am I the only one who suddenly becomes interested in random sports now that the Olympics are here? I’ve been watching volleyball (Italy vs Iran) and I’m quite into it. Like my mum when watching football, I’ve been making random noises esp when Iran has conceded a point. 

Why are you even supporting Iran? asks husband. 

Uhhhh, they’re my muslim brothers?

Plus they’re the underdogs. Always go for the underdogs.

Also, the olympics remind me how bad I am at identifying flags. So bad. I think I can only identify less than 7 flags in the world: Brunei (doh), UK (doh), Malaysia, Japan (cos theirs are easy innit), USA, Canada and erm maybe Indonesia (but there’s a lot of red and white flags so I reckon I can easily get confused).

The best sports to watch are athletics (Mo Farah!!!) and gymnastics. 

I also love how the faces of female athletes look intact aka macam inda ancur makeup nya atu. That is what I call skillzzzz. Jessica Ennis-Hill, hooooowwwww does your face still look glowy after all that jumping, throwing, running?? #girlcrush

Also, why have Jessica landed back in London when the olympics isnt over yet? (It was in the papers) I would have stayed till the end and enjoyed my free pass to sports events! (Uhhh surely when you win a medal, you get free pass? If anything, that should be guaranteed for Olympic winners!)

Ok need to focus on this women’s taekwando game now. 

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