It’s not just the supermoms

Social media is fun. You get to stalk people on their IG and facebook. Their pretty pictures, pretty outfits, pretty lives. Flatlays make everything so much more interesting and hide all the other clutter at the rest of the table. I guess it’s a form of escapism – for me lah. It’s as if looking at the pictures, just makes you feel better. Or not. Sometimes inda dinafikan ada perasaan hasad dengki atu. So with some IG, I prefer not to look at it because it just makes me unappreciate my life and I want THAT life. The grass is always greener on the other side, right?

Nah rambling pulang.

I was going to talk of being a supermom. Not that I’m perasan I am lah. I think I’m just doing what all mums are doing and banyak kelemahan ani jua (lose patience easily, snap at kids, nag too much). 

I think of how my husband and I do it. 

Our daily working day goes like this:

7 am – wake up time. 

Actually le husband is the one who is the alarm. Forcing, I mean, Waking all of us up. 

I usually put the kids for a shower. Quick 5 minutes one and then off to get changed. I’ll put Ayman’s clothes on whilst Zayan usually do it on his own as long as I put his clothes out (on non-school days, he may choose his own clothes). Meanwhile, M will shower, iron his clothes and get ready. 

Yes, M iron his baju every morning himself. I dont iron my clothes at all unless its so wrinkly – but I’ve opted for non-wrinkly, easy care clothes nowadays that I very rarely need to iron. Ditto with tudung. 

After all boys are ready, M will feed them breakfast. Then it will be my turn to get ready. By that time, it will be 7.45 am and Aita, our childminder, will arrive with her kid. 

8.15 am – leave house with kids clothed, fed and childminder ready to take over. There will be no cries usually because uhhh my kids dont cry when being left. Sometimes Zayan will give a sad bye and it will tug on my heart (for 5 seconds). But alas, work I must do.

5 pm – work officially finishes. 

5.30-6 pm – work really finishes. Leave for home!

M usually finishes earlier and will be home by 6 pm. Since I have 40 min (1 hr if bad traffic) commute, I’ll arrive around 6.40-7 pm. 

By that time, Ayman would be fed already by Aita or M. 

7-7.30 pm: Dinner – Zayan will join us for dinner.

8 pm: Put Ayman to sleep – I usually fall asleep. Or if I dont want to sleep (ie I have some work thing to do), M will do it. He also fall asleep quicker in 15-20 mins where it will take me 30-45 mins because he wants to hug la, kiss la, hug lagi, kiss lagi. Guling2. Nyanyi2. 

9 pm: Zayan will come into the room and I’ll put Zayan to sleep. He used to be tiring to put to sleep but he just rolls to one side and goes to sleep. Sometimes he’ll lie there awake and as long as I ignore him, he’ll fall asleep. In the day, he usually is so hyper and on the move. Bedtime is the time to have chats with him about our day. He’ll go “I hope I have a nice dream today! What your dream will be?” #fouryearoldthoughts

And I usually will fall asleep. Wake up at 10ish and crawl into our bed. Or I’ll just fall asleep till the next day starts again. 

M does the cooking usually and will cook a big batch for lunch and dinner every few days. Zayan will eat what we eat. M or myself will make pureed or mashed food for Ayman that will last him the week. 

I only cook if there is no more food and M is oncall. And atu pun usually it will be grilled or stir fried. M usually cooks curry-based meals or Spaghetti Bolognaise.


There are things that is ‘my’ job and ‘M’ job. So like taking rubbish out is M’s job. Putting the clothes away after laundry is usually my job. Aside from that, we do things on who is less busy. M will do laundry, put clothes out to dry, clean bathrooms if I dont do it first. He will say he does the cleaning but I do it too!! Tbh, he does the cleaning most of the time. He loves a clean house so I leave it to him to hoover and clean bathrooms if it makes him happy. Because he’s so meticulous on being tidy and clean, we have to tidy up each time after meals and playing. Come 9 pm, the play area will be tided up and no toys will be out of the place from their ‘area’. The kids are generally good at this. So if they want to watch ipad or move to a new game, they have to tidy up their old games (eg going from lego to cars). Haih, aku pun ngalih meliat tidying up each time (and nagging each time). Sometimes I’ll be the one going ‘Biar tia bah… let them play first and we’ll tidy up later’. But it makes the husband happy and it makes life easier at end of day to tidy up small mess instead of a large one. 

So really after much thinking, we do the ‘divide and conquer’. Take on child each and do whatever we’re supposed to do. Or divide the workload – he’ll cook and I’ll do the washing up.

So whilst I can strive to be a supermum, I need a superdad to help me out.

Love, me xx

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