My hommies

In my last post, I felt quite down there in the dumps, thinking what is the point of doing what I do now. Can’t I just be like the blogger Jo? Eseh macam kawan baik saja. Jo Goddard bah, American blogger of cupofjo. A blog I like to frequent to from time to time and she’s a full time blogger and get freebies. yah yah cant I just blog for life?

A wise friend tried to make me feel better by saying I live a comfy life with my earnings, actually something that I have taken for granted. And I’m doing something good everyday, inshaAllah. 

Anyway the point is I feel better. But I think it’s due to seeing my bestie Nazimah the Amazin and my lesta clan. I love these guys so much and wish I can see them more regularly. I havent seen Zimah for 4 years!! And prob longer for most of them.

Not changed at all the lot of them. 

I love it. It is as if time has stood still and we had never been apart. Everyone is just the same, only now there are partners and sprouting kids. These people were my hommies, I was the adopted bruneian who they laugh at my quirky bruneian ways and sayings, like when I say ‘telur mata lembu’. 😡 They call it something else.. telur mata kerbau kah or something equally funny. Haha funny to think about (though I did cry when that happened. Homigash, I was such a crybaby then.

They were actually my sisters and brothers from another mother. My neighbours and housemates. The ones who actually taught me by their actions to be a better muslim. I could never ask for more generous, loyal friends. 

And my Zimah. I dont think I’ve laughed as much until I’m with her. Bimbos forever. Chatting about random things (like Kayla.. sapatu Kayla? And telling her about ridiculous Msian drama storyline nowadays. Why are they calling each other ‘mummy, daddy’ but hating each other and not even married. Weirrrdddd.) The best is chatting and watching random youtube videos on her kid’s bed. Our kids were milling around us, playing with random toys and occasionally calling us out with random statements (‘mama look! bla bla. Inda ku tedangar lagi apa Zayan cakap, luan sibuk becerita macam makci2). Ahhh brings back old memories of watching korean drama/greys anatomy series on her bed. 


Just what I needed. A healthy dose of love and laughter. 

Love you guys. InshaAllah we will meet again.

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