I know it seems as if I’ve abandoned this blog. Ok I pretty much have abandoned this blog. Not on purpose though! I’ve been hopping from one ‘project’ to another in last few weeks. 

First things first … I have started an instagram account called Bruwomendo – yes, it stands for Bru(neian) Women Do. m

It aims to be a platform to show the different passion, talents and ambition of Bruneian women. We’re much more than our bags and clothes. There’s a lot of inspiring women out there and I want girls and young women to feel inspired and motivated. That they can do good for society if they put their mind to it. No, they can do beyond good. They can be awesome. 

I also wanted it to be a place to share ideas and for discussion. I want women to share their stories even if they think their story isnt worth sharing, so mundane that nobody would care. But as Gretchen Rubin from the book Happiness Project wrote “we expect heroic virtue to look flashy – moving to Uganda to work with AID victim perhaps or documentihg plight of homelessnes … Ordinary life too is full of opportunities for worthy, if inconspicuous virtues.” 

The mother who gave up her studies for her three kids and has finally completed her degree at 30 years old.

The woman who moved to another country for career progression, just her and her young child. 

The teacher who was quaking in her heels on the first day of teaching and encountered a student brandishing out a knife, thankfully not at her.

The woman who uprooted her family for a few years in another country for her career (husband in tow).

The one who is scared about the next stage after pregnancy because she loved her life and is scared of the change.

The helicopter pilot who applied for an ad for ‘male applicants only’. Guess who got the job?

The wife who stood by her husband suffering with mental illness. 

So many stories and I’m not making it up. And I’m pretty sure there’s many more out there.

If you would like to share your stories or suggest someone who has been inspirational, comment here or email at

Do check out the instagram @bruwomendo! 

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