Serious life conversation with 4 year old

Everyday, Zayan is coming up with lines and thoughts that I wonder where they’re coming from. Just the other day, he told his childminder that ‘my problem is your problem,ok?’.

Today, we were in the car, driving home (after the two kids were playing havoc in the shop. And I was post nights sleep hungry, going solo with the kids). And he told me that he wants a pet. 

What pet? 

Dog or cat or fishy

Well, you’re not getting dog or cat. But maybe you can get fish. Tanya Ayah.

But Ayah said fish will die!!

Yeah but all animals die.


From the mirror, I could see his lips curled, tears suddenly on his eyes. Oh dear.

Are you sad that animals die?

Yeah!! Why do they die?

They just do. All animals die, some live longer than others.

Tears now streaming down.

In a bid to make him happier, I told him that animals go to a special place after, Heaven. 

Where’s Heaven?

It’s a special place where its BEST PLACE EVER. For Zayan, it will have lots of parks and playground and it will be sunny everyday. 

And then it ensued into whole long conversation about how we get there (do we go there by aeroplane?), when can we go (I wanna go now!) and who’s eligible for entry. Then he started crying again because he wish he can fly, so he can fly to heaven. Oh. 

It made me realise how ill-prepared I am for these conversations!! When I started talking about our accountability (why do people go to heaven? — as in why does it exist), he went “LOOK FOOTBALL!” as I drove past a group of people playing cricket. 

The convo changed to ‘bukan football, tu cricket’. FOOTBALLLL!!! 


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