What is fun?

 Currently reading a book called The Happiness Project. Wow, what revelations lie inside it!! All simple ideas and principles but it makes sense. 

One of the topics is to ‘have more fun’. It resonates with my desire to be in touch with my creative side but feeling like I dont have time for it. Or more like I dont make time for it.

The question the writer brings is not how to make time (thats another chapter) but to find what is fun for you. She finds that things considered fun for some people are horrendously boring or irritating for her.

It makes me think… what do I find fun? Of course there’s a lot of fun things to do when there’s someone else there with you. Yknow, like jetting off to a another country, getting dolled up with your girlfriends. But sadly I dont have time off easily or have a set of girlfriends here to do things with. 

So what do i enjoy doing?

Lying down on the grass on a sunny day

Eating (good) cake with fellow cake lover

Reading a really good book in a cafe by myself

Walking aimlessly in a bookshop

Pretending to buy stuff in a stationery shop, when in fact I’m just admiring the prettiness of a notebook and playing with the different colour pens.

Sweating out in a circuits class (painful but gratifying)

Taking pics with my DSLR (which ive sold away now, sobs)

Writing is also fun. But it’s only fun when ada ilham or when I’m in the mood for it. 

I love discovering new places. I remember jogging to the very end of Pantai Muara, till you can see the Navy base. Kiki and I was so awestruck at our discovery, we felt we were Some Discoverers of the Land, amazed that we can go to the very end and that you can see the Navy base (though you dont actually see anything, was heavily blocked with boulders or something). And even if its like a new restaurant, it feels so nice

 I love hiking and enjoying the scenery. 
The thing is I like the idea of scrapbooking. I actually have procrastinated putting pictures in albums because its such a task! (pics from Zayan was born till now) 

And I think because I just want to tick the box, I’m no longer enjoying it. I just want to get it over and done with. And when its not finished, I get more stressed about it and deemed it as a failure of a task.

So what have I learnt from all this introspection?

1. I have to take my time when doing something I like. Or else I just suck out the fun in it.

2. Maybe I should regain my photog hobby again. That was fun. Husband, if you read this, you know what to get for my birthday >_<

3. Go to a circuits class at least once a month! (Just going to one is a miracle)

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