Married to a Bedouin

I’ve just finished reading this book. My ultra short review here:  

 The sun is finally out. Nothing is better than drinking cuppa tea (and eating my biscuits secretly from the boys) and finishing a good book. Finally finished this book that I bought from Jordan. An unlikely story of interracial (international even) love and marriage and uprooting oneself to another world. Interesting stories about Bedoiuns and the life in Petra before the Bedouins moved out of Petra in 1980s.
When I first picked it up, I was intrigued. What made a Kiwi women decide to marry this Bedouin guy and live in a cave — and later a house — in Petra for decades (till his death – sorry spoiler kah tu?). 

Just last weekend, I was visiting my friend on way back to Leicester from London. She’s a Malaysian, married to a Pakistani and herself is half Persian. Her sister and English fiance was there too. It was a prime example (THREE examples) of interracial/intercultural/international couple that are increasingly on the rise. No surprise, globalisation, easy travelling, going to uni out of yor country. And now the cultural shift that interracial couples/families are becoming the norm. It was actually quite nice and entertaining to hear the men speak their Malay vocab. Aaron was actually trying to teach Zayan some Malay! (anakku paham panas tapi inda paham ‘sajuk’)

Mostly M and I put aside our cultural differences easily, mostly I think it worked because of our selamba nature, our family’s selamba nature and his family lack of strong emphasis on culture (and more on following the Quran and the Sunnah). 

I can’t think of the cultural differences that annoys the other, there must be some but tend to forget and not make a big deal out of it! I am not great at British humor – I dont find it very funny and equally when I translate in English, bruneian jokes ain’t that funny anymore.

By the by, we’re learning from each other and our kids may go interracial on us too one day. 

Love, me

Ps So cute my childminder, who is originally Senegalese but lived in Italy (and identify herself as an Italian), married an Algerian and their kid, Hamza, speaks Italian, English and a little Arabic. Zayan says random Italian words, like Aqua for water, and Hamza has started to say  things like ‘Aunty, I’m wearing blue baju today!’ He likes to say baju all the time to me LOL

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