Things 4 year old say

Zayan says the darndest things these days.

Yesterday, I came home from work and was just pottering around. 

Zayan: How was work mama?

(ehhh ya pulang tanya aku and not me asking him as usual)

Me: mmm its ok. saw patient in clinic.

Zayan: Is it a boy or girl?

Me: Girl

Zayan: how sick is she? 

Me: not that sick. She’s ok. She’s got delayed speech.
*nods understandingly*
At dinner table…

Zayan: Ayah, how was your work today?

*His ayah started talking about patient with sarcoidosis and someone else with headache and bla bla – Clearly I wasnt listening* 

Zayan: Yess yesss.

Macam si banar!!


We read al fatihah together and by that I mean, I read it and he fimishes the line. Ok lah jaditah for now. And then he said…

“Mama, we say thank you to Allah when we pray.” 


“I want to thank Allah for my dinner …..

(lol nyaman tah sudah tu, credit to his ayah)

 …… and also …. having No-no (his aunty) come to our house tonight.” 

Like awwwww I would feel blessed if someone prayed thanks because I came over to their house!! 


I was out of the shower and getting ready to go to work when the childminder came in to the house. She went upstairs to get some stuff in kids room and then I could hear Zayan say…

“Aunty Aita, you can come upstairs because Mama is not naked anymore!”

(Thanks Zayan)

“Look Aunty Aita, look!!! Is mama beautiful????” His hands out wide, as if I was his prized horse. 

Zayan, you crack me up.

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