Arabic class

I have currently enrolled in an online arabic language class.

For years, I have tried to learn the language. I went for arabic classes , via the language department of the university, at fourth year of medical school and had to drop our after a few weeks as there were more and more uni work piling up. (I also went to French classes in uni and again dropped out. I blame medical school!) And then I bought books to help me with learning and tried to pick it up myself. I just got confused with the male and female thing that arabic language has and again, gave it up.

When Zayan was a baby aka when I was in maternity leave and I wanted to do something ‘productive’ (I know, I’m such a kiasu/tiger mother), I took up ‘Arabic with Husna’ class from Bayyinah/Ustaz Nouman Ali. It’s basically video recordings of Nouman Ali teaching his daughter Husna arabic language. So its like if this ten year old can do it, I CAN DO IT! I think I followed through a few online classes but had poor motivation. It was hard to keep continuing as it was just me and obviously it wasnt very interactive.

So, this year I saw some ad for bayyinah online arabic class. I paid for it and that was a few hundred pounds waved goodbye. I think the fact that i paid lots for it makes me want to go through this!! You join online class, get given textbook and workbook and even have discussion online classes. It goes in real time but it also has recordings of the class and discussion sessions. So for me, with variable work schedule, it is a dream.


There are four classes a week. That’s four hours a week. And for a few weeks now (being sick, on nights, holiday), I have been behind and not joined the live classes. I have been chasing and chasing after each class. Last week, I had 8 classes to catch up on and I was very close to just drop it. There’s no way I can catch up! Weekends are difficult to sit without a kid trying to get my attention or having to do some housework. Or really I just want to be with my family.

The only time I can learn is after the kids sleep (I usually fall asleep when kids sleep, so when I wake up at 10-11 am, I do some learning in my zombie state). Or when I have some free time at work. I do mostly clinics now, so whenever there’s time before or after clinics, I’ll put in some arabic time.

Initially, all these catching up was making me tired. And I was trying to rush through it and not really concentrating. After the holiday, even with all the classes to do, I realise that I just need to take my time and make sure I understand each class. Also the teacher has wisely said that I am not trying to achieve high marks in these classes (there’s a quiz every 2 weeks). I am doing this to understand the Qur’an. 

I am doing this to understand the Qur’an. 

InshaAllah, kalau niat baik, Allah will always help.

Another point she made was that we should be reading the Qur’an more to learn more and consolidate our learning. What a slap that was. I have slacked in my reading (tbh, I have never been a regular reader. I am more of a ‘phase’ reader aka when ikut mood or masa bulan puasa). Of course, if I want to learn the language for the sake of understanding Qur’an, I should be reading it more!!!

Anyway, I should get back to some learning.


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