Jordan: Day 2

Ma’in Spa Resort

The white sheets, the luxurious comfy bed, the morning sun peeking through the curtains. Ahh what a feeling. If only this 4 year old boy would stop kicking me and poking at my hips (paling gundah this one).

We woke up, nada mandi, straight to breakfast with the kids still in PJs. I love, love, love the food there. Has combination of ‘English’ breakfast (pancakes, eggs cooked out of your choice) and the more typical arabic one – bread, hummus, yoghurt. They have 2 restaurants – one buffet and one ala carte. Having kids, it was just easier to go to buffet one, plus it was closest to the main hotel.

The scenery around is better appreciated with the morning sun. We went for a swim again at the thermal pool. I checked out the little cave attached to it, which is where water from the hot springs pools in. It was like a natural sauna in there, with no one in. WIN. My pores were opening up, I can feel it! I stayed for awhile there, just letting go any negative thoughts, leftover work stresses.

And then we had to go *insert crying emoticon* Wish we could have stayed longer and I could sneak in a spa/facial treatment, unfortunately the only slot available is at 3 pm. And we had to go by 12 pm and head to Wadi Musa, 3 hours away!

Dead Sea Panaroma complex

We decided to check out Dead Sea Panaroma complex. It was a very cloudy day, so what would have been great scenery of Dead Sea and  the mountains were obliterated. Ah well.

Top tip: DO NOT eat there. The food is average but MAHAL. Should have just eaten at Ma’in resort. A seafood platter (starter) cost us 35 JD, which is almost £35. Inda jua banyak seafood nya ani *kata-kata*

Off to Wadi Musa

Wadi Musa is home to the city of Petra. Let me be honest, I was asleep 3/4 of the way and so were the kids. Kesian M! Ok, ok, so I sleep on all the long car rides. I woke up, no longer having Dead Sea as part of the scenery but having all land around us. In fact, it was pretty much desolated around us. At some point, after a long long road surrounded by sand and nothingness, we came across a big sign ‘ROAD CLOSED’. Ahhh, what is this?? M turned the car around and an old guy, his face surrounded with wrinkles and creases from the sun, looking Bedouin-like, indicated us to go back to the closed road. “It’s ok,” he told us in his own language (that’s what we interpreted it as). He gave a thumbs up sign for the road. “Why does it say closed?” I asked. He shook his head and head, as if saying “It’s not bad”.


And you know what, the roads after that were no longer tarmac but in fact, road carved out on the mountains. Bumpy, sand and stones, not very wide and we were going up and up. I remained the calm wife whilst Zayan was none the wiser and sang more songs. Internally, I was thinking if we fell off the side of this mountain, nobody will find us for days! *dramatic much* We were the only car for miles and miles. Eventually, we could see a car or two coming our way (and the roads were wider), and finally signs of civilisation! Cars parked at the side and people sitting on the big big rocks, just picnicking with their family.  Alhamdulillah!!

In hindsight, M said that was a fun ride. NO IT WASNT!

Top tip: If you’re driving to/from Wadi Musa, make sure you AVOID dead sea highway. You can use kings highway instead which has good roads and would be faster.

Petra Kitchen

After a quick settling in at a cheapo hotel (boo, not Ma’in spa), we went to the reserved Petra Kitchen class. Yes, we went for a local cooking class. Initially, M was dubious and probably thought it would be cheesy or tacky or something. It was AMAZING. The staff were brilliant at cooking, friendly and was great at bringing us all together (us, an american grandparents and their grandson, half a dozen aussies). We were divided into two adult groups and a kids group. I joined the kids group (even though he suggested the ‘dad’ to join instead) – I figured M is the usual cook of the house, he should learn!

Our group learnt how to make the cucumber yoghurt salad (cucumber, yoghurt, mint) and the kids got to chop some cucumber and mint. Yes, Zayan got to chop with very heavy supervision. I think we also made some tomato salad – bit like tomato salsa, which is also nice. Why are these salads so yummy??  We also learnt how to make , which is grilled pitta bread with minced meat inside. IT IS SO YUMMY! I think M and I ate most of it from our dining table. M and his group learnt how to make the lentil soup. Eventually, we saw how the main (grilled chicken with vegetables) were cooked.

Aside from the tahini salad, I LOVED everything cooked. I think it was more appetizing because of the ‘homecooked’ meal. We then sat at two dining tables and ate as a group. Whilst we were cooking and eating, the staff looked after the kids. Ayman fell asleep in his car seat and woke up. One of the waiters held him and dodoikan tidur. Thank you!! Meanwhile, Zayan was playing with the staff after he ate his dinner.

What an eventful second day! Ready for Petra the next day.









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