Behind each picture

I dont know how and why but every morning, I would find the kids in our bed, monopolising the space and I would be left without a space or pillow and therefore relegated to the lower lateral end of the bed space. 


Anyway, whenever we see people’s awesome holiday pics, envy sets in and everything looks IG-worthy.

Let me give you a background of whats been happening though behind our IG-winning (perasan) pics.

1. Ayman is crying. Maybe he’s hungry. Or wants to be let out of his car seat. Or just not happy Zayan has taken something that he wants. Or Zayan is annoying him. Or sometimes he’s crying and I dont know why. 

2. Zayan is either talking non stop or complaining about something.

“I want to hold something” – his phrase to wanting a phone (we left the ipad at home and obvs no internet for youtube here)

“I’m hungry!” – even though he just ate a big meal. 

“Ayman, STOP it!” – as Ayman is either annoying him or taking something he wants.

3. Oh yeah, the kids argue and annoy each other a lot. More often, its Zayan who is in Ayman’s face and poking/picik pipi/leaning on him and generally invading Ayman’s personal space. Sometimes for no reason, Ayman will push or slap Zayan. Like why kids why, why dont you guys walk hand in hand towards the sunset. Actually Zayan is affectionate and would like to hug or hold Ayman’s hand but Ayman ani jual mahal and does not do PDA. Whenever I ask him to kiss or hug me, he just leans over and offer his cheek or forehead. Ish. 

4. I’m the grumpy ‘come on come on we need to move on’ mom. Why cant I just enjoy THE MOMENT??

5. M is the “OCD-things have to be neat and in order” one and makes us all follow his orderliness. 

So whenever you see a great pic, know that just a minute ago, a kid had likely been crying or complaining and I have been the referee to their constant fights. And I’m thinking COME ON LET’S GO PEOPLE, CHOP CHOP! 

Lotsa love,


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