To Jordan!

 Awhile ago, I realise one key to my inner happiness is to write more. I missed writing but it seemed like I couldnt fit it in my time slots in daily life. Sometimes I think I take on more than I can chew and just keep on taking it.  Anyway, we’re taking a breather at the moment. By we, I mean me and the familia. This year is the last year of potentially a nice long holiday before Zayan goes to school this Sept. The schools in UK are strict about taking kids out of school for a holiday (you get fined and heavily frowned upon). And with our work schedules, it would be a miracle if we can get synchronised days off coinciding with Zayan’s holiday. So I was determined for this year’s annual proper holiday (as opposed to wknd getaways)  to be GOOD. I chose Jordan because I’ve always wanted to see Petra, I love Queen Ranian (apakan pikir dapt jumpa tangah jalan kah) and it seems more rustic than the more developed/well off Arab countries like Dubai or Oman. Moreover I wanted to avoid Europe/US because I wanted something different for the boys, to see and experience a different way of life and in a way, to see that not all nice things come in pretty, polished packages.  Anyway, the more we got into sorting itinerary and hotels, I realise it was more of roughin’ it holiday. As we’re only here for 6 days, we’re cramming in as many places, which means a different place (miles and miles away from the last one) and a different hotel each night. A part of me was wondering (dreadfully) how the kids would be. Ayman is more chilled out and Zayan is adventurous by nature but Zayan is a city boy – he loves cleanliness and shrieks when he sees a bug.  So we’re here now and so far, Zayan has claimed this to be a good holiday. I’ll share some pics – have a feeling the kids will wake up soon and writing will be a forgotten memory.                Oh wait, wifi isnt great so picw wouldnt upload. Boo!

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