Highlights of 2015

I’ve been blogging for 11 years now, since 2004. And this blog has been up for 5 years. I used to write a summary of the last 12 months at the end of year but have been abandoning that now. In my downcast mood, I thought I need to build up my optimism again. All I can think right now is ALL I DO IS WORK ANYWAY.

However, let’s give this a lil twist (ie malas mode), these are the highlights of 2015 for me – in no particular order because my memory fails me these days.

Big transcontinental trip to the US

San Francisco woot woot!

Those were the best 2 weeks. Ayman was small enough to sleep all the time and not make too much fuss. Zayan was fairly well behaved throughout. We stayed over at our friend’s place, who were great host/hostess and M’s bff – therefore making it even more memorable. The sun was shining all the time and we stayed a few minutes walk from the beach. California, we love you.



The view near their house


The beach near our friend’s house – Jealous much – WALKING DISTANCE YO


At the bay – This looks just like a random picture but Zayan was just so happy playing with the bubbles. He was laughing and jumping, the innocence and happiness over something trivial is refreshing.


I met a lifecoach 

Say what, you say? It’s a long story but I got recommended to see someone to improve my assertive skills. Around that time, I was hoping to pass my exam. I actually met her at the end of 2014 when I was about to do my clinical exam. I met up again with her after my maternity leave ended and I’m so glad to have met her. She was motivating and helped build up my confidence. She gave little tips to improve my presentation skills, speaking up and being more concise, she even told me ways to ‘SAY NO’ (I can’t say no).

One thing that I remember but fail to follow is this:

We went through my ‘core values’ – things that makes me, that makes me happy, that makes me unhappy.


I’ve just re-read her last email and this explains what she was trying to tell me.

Hi Hafizah,

Lovely to see you today – what a shame it was our last meeting!
I’ve attached your values circle which, as I explained, you should read from the core outwards. This means the key to happiness for you is in becoming more organised and efficient, doing some sport or fitness and letting that independent spirit of yours out! you can then ripple out towards positivity, creativity and knuckle down to do what you need to do. Then just keep the ripples going until you can do what perhaps you’re best known for: smiling, having fun and making a difference to other people’s lives.
Enjoy being you!
We went to Brunei – twice!! 
Left: My cousin Keri’s wedding in September 2015
Right: My abang’s nikah in December 2015
Our first trip away as a couple since Zayan was born  
-aka first in 4 years!
We went for a weekend to Copenhagen. Thanks to No-no for looking after the kids!
Above: The Tivoli Gardens – a magical, permanent Winter Wonderland kinda themed. Such  a fairytale place and not so commercialized – if that makes sense. It has a nostalgic feeling around it.
We spent a lot lot lot of time with my Abang and his family
They lived in Manchester for a year as a family and it was so nice to have Zayan be with his cousins. We also went to Ireland for a weekend trip when my parents came over.
Zayan hit so many milestones
But mostly, he started to talk more fluently. In sentences. Non stop. He says stuff like ‘I want excavator’ – had to google what excavator really is. ‘Mama you the billen’ (villain) ‘This my weben’ (weapon)
Can you guess what kind of games we play? (ie I’m forced to play)
And he turned 4 and had first bday party in Brunei!
Ayman woke up more and became a lil man himself
From laughing for the first time
And walking
He is so different from his Abang Zayan. Quiet and unassuming, but his mischiefs are done in a more sleuth-like way. And then he looks at you as if nothing’s wrong.
Keeping it real
There are other hard things too. My family went through a lot this year. But alhamdulillah, we’re closer now and actually the ended better than expected. Have a new (not evil) sister in law!*
Do you know what a success it is having 8 kids look at the camera at once?
Do you know what… I feel better already. Counting my blessings, and thanking Allah for all that is given to me and my family. And also, it made me realise how much travelling makes me happy.
Lotsa love,
PS I used to have a fear of having evil sister in laws. Alhamdulillah, fear unfounded!

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