Wow so it’s been almost a month since I posted something!

Anyway, I just wanna post this before bangas ceritanya and I cant be bothered to write about it. It’s a monumental occasion I feel because for the first time ever since becoming parents (aka a month short of 4 years), M and I left the kids for one night *shock collapses*. Actually it was 2 days and one night.

What I was looking forward to the most is a lie in. Not having to wake up and tend to a child, just taking my time.

I’ve been busy at work all week before and the week before and the week before, so I didnt really have time to prep for the trip. We planned to do something for our 5th year anniversary and discussed around going somewhere in UK. Then I started looking around for short flights/Eurotrain around Europe. The key thing is to have as little journey time as possible. so as to maximize our time in whatever place we decide. In the end, we chose Copenhagen (I wanted Amsterdam) because M wanted to go to a Scandinavian country. And yknow what, it was a good choice.

The flight itself only took 1.5 hrs from London ? Gatwick. We took the 7 am flight – omg leaving house at 4 am, I’m surprised we were still up for a full day holidaying. It was so easy going from Airport to city centre – took the metro and within 5-6 stops (less than 20 mins), we arrived at the city centre!

Now we didnt really have a plan. We knew about Tivoli garden but aside from that, we knew nought where to go. It was only at 6 am that day I started looking properly of where to go and places to eat (tripadvisor was my friend).

Let’s just browse through pics from ny phone:

Nyhavn – pretty and picturuesque. It’s slightly touristy but it didnt feel commercialized or tacky. Probably akin to walking around Covent Garden, in the sense there’s some stuff for tourists and the feeling of place/architecture is different from rest of city. Fact: Hans Anderson house was in this area. No 67 in fact.


We took those tour guide boats which I feel is a rip off usually (from experience of tour boats/bus in Paris/Spain/Portugal). I did fall asleep at one point in the one hour boat ride but we did see some interesting places that we wouldnt have time to come across. The woman talking came out with facts/puns which made it interesting.

We had lunch at Nyhavn as there was a strip of restaurants there. Seafood choices is of abundance there FYI.

We checked in to the hotel around 4 pm, which was niceeeeee. Normally we go to Premier inn or some 3 star hotel/4 star B&B. I made M choose a more expensive hotel this time. And it was lush. The hotel had character I must say.

br />

In the evening, we went to Tivoli. It’s an old style amusement park but it was decked with lights everywhere and had games like ferris wheel and carousel. It had a nostalgic feel and the kind of place where you can see people getting proposed there. Yesss, it was certainly #success of a date night. There were a lot of different restaurants as well, even wagamama! There’s also another chinese/japanese restaurant but instead – because of M’s craving for meat – we had kebab!! (I think kami sakai it was halal as well) Ate it on a bench. Romantic.

Perhaps in my post prandial satisfied state, I agreed to go on the highest carousel ever and a roller coaster. I was shitting myself both times but it was fun as soon as I was in the ground again. The carousel was so high up you could see the view of the city for a long distance. Well I could have properly looked but I was too scared to open my eyes for long. Verdict: Tivoli cannot be missed when going to Copenhagen.


I havent taken much pics the next day. in summay, we had a lot of fun and it was nice just being a couple again. No interruptions to our conversation. Holding hands. Just talking and being.

We both concluded that annual weekend getaways is a must!

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